Beyond Curie—a design project celebrating women in STEM
They changed history and the world often without recogntiion


About the project


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We all know Marie Curie.

Born Maria Skłodowska, she was a Polish/French scientist who did pioneering research on radioactivity. The first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the first person ever to win it twice, and the only person to win it in two different sciences.

She was a badass, no doubt.

But there are many other women scientists, mathematicians, and engineers who have made incredible advances in their respective fields, and never earned the recognition they deserve. I want to change that.

Beyond Curie is a celebration of badass women in STEM, including all 16 female winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine / Physiology, as well as another 16 lady bosses who have accomplished extraordinary things in these fields.

The project, created by creative director and design strategist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya is a series of illustrations for each one of the 32 women, connecting their faces with the work they've achieved into a unique collage. Every dollar the Kickstarter raises beyond production costs will go toward the Association for Women in Science.

For real-time updates of new illustrations follow Amanda on Instagram. Or, shoot her an email if you want to get in touch!

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