Beyond Curie—a design project celebrating women in STEM
They changed history and the world often without recogntiion


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We all know Marie Curie.

Born Maria Sklodowska, she was a Polish/French scientist who did pioneering research on radioactivity. The first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the first person ever to win it twice, and the only person to win it in two different sciences.

She was a badass, a legend, and one of the greatest scientists to have ever lived.

And yet, too often, Marie Curie is where the conversation begins and ends when it comes to women in science. The truth is, there are numerous women scientists, mathematicians, and engineers who have made incredible advances in their fields, and never earned the recognition they deserve.

Beyond Curie is a celebration of 40 of these badass women, including 16 female winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine/Physiology. Despite all the progress that has been made, science, math, and engineering are still too often biased against women. Each one of the lady bosses featured in Beyond Curie has surmounted incredible odds and faced down countless challenges for decades in the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and impact. We owe them our respect. So as you experience this site, make a commitment to further researching these heroes, because their stories will take your breath away.

Beyond Curie was developed by creative director and design strategist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya. Her initial Kickstarter raised over $32,000 from 602 individuals seeking to bring these women into their homes, workplaces, and classrooms. Beyond Curie has been featured in Fast Company, Smithsonian Magazine, Glamour, Nautilus, and partnered with the March for Science to offer a free set of limited-edition protest posters featuring these incredible women.

The project is currently exhibiting at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, which gets 1.2M visitors annually and is the oldest museum in the state.

Watch Amanda's mainstage TED Talk about Beyond Curie and how she uses design to connect science and society:


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